Friday, May 18, 2018


The day appears better than the day before. Leave the tent and gear behind and ride the mile and a half to view the puffins at the cliffs.  I hike along the cliffs looking for puffins in the crowds of birds on the cliff ledges.  There is a friendly fox working the cliffs and maybe the cause for the lack of puffins.  As I hike back I come across egg gathers.  They lower one person down by people up top holding the rope.  There is no hard anchor or belay point.  After the person gathers the eggs they just haul him up.
I head back to camp and pack.  Weather is good and the wind is mainly with me.  Back the way I came over the hills and leave Iceland’s western most point.  A little past the turn off out to the point the weather has turned and rain is coming so I camp only a little wet.
Love and kisses

Table anchors my tent

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