Sunday, May 20, 2018


Wind has ceased and I see blue sky, but clouds are building.   I don’t go into town for more supplies two miles away.  As I pack I see a snow plow head up the pass.  I pedal for the pass and only stop twice.  Having no wind is good.  As I go down from the pass I continually stop to warm up.  Toes are still wet in the boots.  At the fjord I turn into town and see a small grocery that opens in 45 minutes.  After waiting i see another sign stating it is closed on mai 20.  I ride on. I come across a pool with no one there and then near by the hot pool.  I try the pool which is warm and then the hot pool.  I am joined by a French couple, an English/Belgium couple and a couple of Swiss gentlemen.  The Englishman states they have too much beer and share.  Life is good and my feet are finally warm today.  As I head out I see cloud covering the high country and have light snow falling on me.  I will wait till tomorrow morning to cross the next high country as it is a long section above snow line.  Another 6 k and I camp at the base of the next climb.
Love and kisses

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