Friday, June 9, 2023

Ecuador 6-9-2023 Cotopaxi

Back on the road and cobble stones.  See a tarantula wasp and a tarantula fighting it out on the road.  Tarantula ends up paralyzed and that mean not a good end for the tarantula.  End the day in a valley camp ground outside Pintag.


We ride upward towards cloud cover Cotopaxi.  Go across a blocked gate and then the coarse leads across fields. 

Enter into Cotopaxi park and go for a nice meal at the lodge.  Cotopaxi appears from behind the clouds.

We cross the park stopping at a nice lake and the visitor center.  Then find ourselves outside the park.

Love and Kisses


Lani on top of Cotopaxi at 19347 ft

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