Monday, August 7, 2023

8-7-2023 Peru

It is a long steady climb from Huaraz going 32 miles and 3876 ft up.  Climb out of valley in the mornings and in the afternoon is spent traveling through the high county.  We camp near 13000 ft.





We spend the day riding through high county.   We have lunch at road junction Conococha where cheese is king.  Before a long decent we camp at 13700 ft after riding 32 miles.  Lani treats her air mattress seams that have leaked with seam grip.  So a hard night for Lani as the seam grip cures over night.  All seams have been treated in hope that this will prevent further leaks.

Our riding down takes all day.  Okay there was 2500 ft ascent and the road was rough and bumpy.  Camp at an old mine giving us flat concrete tent site.  

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