Sunday, November 11, 2007

Interesting Encounter in Damascus

I got into a heavy discussion with one of the other guests at the hotel. He was a young Iraqi doctor who was on two weeks vacation. He lives in Sunni triangle which he called the death triangle and has seen a good bit of the conflict. He could stay in Syria and work as a doctor, but he loves his home and wants to return. He also wanted the US out, so the civil war will happen and after 6 months the conflict would be decided. He believed the daily killing would be over, as he reports over 1 million Iraqi dead to the current date. He believes the US troops are just prolonging the civil war and the civil war needs to run its course to allow a stable government to form. Noting nothing is going to change Bush in office for another year. He had difficulties understand how our government could continue in Iraq while a majority of Americans want the US out. Explaining how our government works seem inadequate to someone suffering its bureaucratic and political inefficiencies. He also wanted to know how life in America was. I did not feel right when I told him that most Americans are living a good life and most people feel no effects of the Iraq war. I found it difficult trying to discuss life in America to someone dealing with the effects of our government trying to impose its will on his country and lives with regular killings. I wished him luck as he is a neurosurgeon and he knows he is a target as a doctor for kidnappers or just get shot. Kidnappers believe doctors have lots of money so they ask for a million dollars and he makes $200 a month. Love & Kisses Steve

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