Saturday, November 3, 2007

Out of Beirut

Most buildings in Beirut show no damage, but some show major impact of the conflict. Saw over 30 large cranes working on various new buildings and there is much rebuilding everywhere. Downtown is seems strange as there are no cars allowed and it is all new building with a atmosphere of feels sterile. And of course there are soldier every half block or more in the downtown area so you can feel safe. So I am departing Beirut and its major building projects.
I head off to Baalbek. On the way there I get to see the major bridge between Damascus and Beirut still being repaired from last years disagreement with their southern neighbor. Thought it not a good idea to take a picture of it as some have already proved it is a military target.

Baalbek has great temples with one to Bacchus (wine, sex, and song god) being the nicest. It is also called the small temple even though it is bigger than the Parthenon. Outside the vender's kept pushing yellow tee shirts on me, which is not my color and I could not think of where I would wear a Hezbollah tee shirt. Yes the town did show it colors in support of their favorite group as its head quarters are there. Then I was off to Aanjar which was a very orderly Umayyad ruined city with very strait streets and door all the same distance apart. It was a very planned city but most of it was only four feet high now. Then another border crossing and I was back in Damascus.
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