Saturday, November 3, 2007

Monastic Life

Headed out of Damascus for a religious trip. Stopped in Maalula to see the narrow canyon which God opened up to help a lady escape the roman solder who had her trapped up against the cliffs. There were street lights attached to the canyon walls which could have been added later. Never did a slot canyon that was lighted before. Then I headed on to Mar Musa to try the monastic life as I was told the hot babes hang out there. Did find evenings of meditation and services in Arabic ( which is sort of like the old Latin services) as with both I only understand a few word. There were the hot babes, but my subtle non approaching ways did not pull them in.

The place was cool as it was an old Roman watch tower in a canyon that had been converted in the sixth century to a monastery. You must walk a 1.5 k up the canyon to the place. I sleep in a nice cave that had a stone bed and a pad on it. It had the true monastic feeling with these kind of sleeping arrangements. During one of the services one of the bible passages was 1 Kings 20 that was read during the service. It describes the Israelites soundly defeating the Syrians This did bring on some heated discussions involving Afghanistan, America and Hezbollah, but of coarse this was all in Arabic so I caught only a few words. The chapel is covered in 12 century frescoes and the floor is covered in carpets with pillows to sit and lean against which makes for a relaxing service. A German minister found out there is no snoring during meditations. There was of coarse a fresco of St Simeon on his pillar in on corner. More pictures are coming in a few days if I make it through the next border crossing and do not end up vacationing in Cuba.
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