Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Glen

Cool morning with dark clouds as I head out.  Give Loch Ness one good look for Nessie for the last time. Route this morning follows the canal that connects the lochs.  The there are locks that raise the boats up and down to the different lochs levels. If you understands that then you know we are not talk bagel topping. 

Three miles into the ride the rain started.  The riding was along a canal so it was flat and easy going.  Then I was at the Lochs and the road and trails were up and down through the hills next to the  loch.  Regularly there were nice waterfalls come down the hills.  On the back of bike I have a drying sack for the cloths I washed out the night before there we're 6 rise cycle due the rain for the cloths.  Glasses need wipers as the rain is making them hard to see out of them.  Only found a few places to stop and get out of the heavy rain.  So I continued with 'Plan A' which is: it is going to rain and I am going to ride in it.  'Plan B': it is raining hard out there and don't you have the common sense to come out the rain.  With no place to hide I continue with plan A.  At one of the few stops out of the rain I leave my glasses on the back of the bike.  A little while later down the trail I find that my problems with the glasses has been solved.  Made it to Fort William around 5 and decided to continue on as Oban which was 42 miles further and I want to cut down the distance for the next day.  Could not find the ferry to the other side of the loch so I headed down the main highway.  Yes narrow roads with no shoulders and big trucks.  I decided not to have a review mirror as I could not do anything about what is behind me until I was on the bonnet (hood) anyway.  As it was getting dark and I was tired I started looking for a place to pitch my tent, but was not having any luck.  Then I see a sign 10 miles to Oban.  So I pushed on.  Roads are better at night with less cars.  .
Sit under a light and check the direction the hostel.  When I see no one around I short cut a small circle the wrong way.  Cops are on me before I get 50 feet from the circle and I get warned and followed to the hostel while I am still try to figure out where they were hiding.  Pull in to the hostel at 10:30.  Feel a little burned out.
77.2 miles in the rain.
Love & kisses

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