Thursday, May 21, 2009


Late start but the weather is warmer and dryer.  Pick up a ticket to Barra Island that leaves at 3:40.  I head out to see some castles I passed the night before.  Find nice paved bike trail not on the map that connects one castle on a dead end road to another castle.  Life is good and I am making good time.  On the bike trail pulling a hill the chain breaks strange since I left most of the gear at the hostel so I am traveling light.
Why did I hesitate to by the chain tool and extra chain link just because my chain was new.  Fortunately I only hesitated to buy the tools and in ten minute had the chain rebuilt.  Castles are smaller with only a few rooms to explore so I am making good time and push on to a old priory.  Find the priory is just a garden and head back (false advertising on the map.  Make it back to Oban at three and can't find anyone at the hostel were my stuff is locked up lost a bit of time to finding the staff.  The zipped off to the bike shop I heard to pick up a new chain which was quick.  Then down to the ferry which was casting off and I was on the wrong side of the ramp.  The town is only six blocks across where did the time go.  Went off to eat and ten minutes later had a new plan.  Off to Mull and another castle for the afternoon.  And this time I make down the same ramp just before the door closed.  They only take 14 minutes in port to unload and load each ferry.  On Mull I have 2 hours to get to the castle and back before the last ferry for the night.  This time I made it to the nicely repaired castle and back to the ferry with time to spare.  Of coarse I did keep checking the time.  Good thing to as the ferry was ahead of schedule and departed early.
26 miles

The next day I have until one before the ferry.  So I head south to another castle. To get the castle there is a one man ferry operation and catch the 10:30 boat for the quick hope to the island. I ride the rough trail south to the castle.  Just before the castle is a tea shop and the have a sign apologizing that they closed early one day in 2007.  This seems to still bother them.  The castle has a nice view and is perched above some cliffs. With it 11::40 I try a short cut with lead me to have to toss the bike over a fence. Get to the ferry a little after 12 and need to wait till 12:30 for it to cross.  Race back to the hostel to grab a towel I forgot and make it to the ferry to be one of the first to board.  You know those bikers cut in front of the line.
12 miles
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