Friday, May 29, 2009


Pictures will come when I get to a real computer, I am doing this so far from a blackberry.  Shower cut into pub time.  I think I am close to getting a discount if I sit outside in the smokers shed. 

Uist is flat with gently rolling hills.  The road is wide enough for a small car and a bike "normally" with passing places regularly along the road for cars to pass each other.  And traffic is low and friendly.  The island is covered with moors and little lochs with bigger hills in the distance.  Beaches look great and have beautiful sand yet no one. Is using them or swimming.
Stayed in a youth hostel that was a black house.  The new white houses were where livestock and people are separated.  The old black houses didn't.  We were just stacked in there like cattle.  Of coarse no one in the hostel was a youth and most were not even close.  This is good with youth serving drinks in the bar and us getting travel.
52.7 miles
Next day got a mid morning start with easy riding with light breeze at the back.  Seven miles down the rode stopped at a cafe and when it was time to pay found my wallet missing.  A quick trip back to the hostel found my wallet under the bed.  And I got another trip past the lady of the isle statue that sort of divides the islands Protestant north from the Catholic south.  I am trying an experiment to see how much negative reinforcement is need to stop leaving things behind.
Further north the moor became bogs.  Did come across a nice chamber cairn that I crawled in.  Could have slept there as it was nice an dry, but pushed on to the north tip of the island and another black house as a hostel.  Lots of people touring on bikes up the islands.  Also see lots of sea kayak but none on the water.  The kayaks appear to be auto accessory.
69 mile
Next morning wake to rain and a head wind at 6 am as I try to catch the early ferry.  I make it.  The entire 40 minute ride the ferry has to maneuver a narrow route to avoid all the rocks under water while dealing with heavy currents.  Bikers taking a later ferry saw a big whirlpool.
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