Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Beginning in Barra

I am up at 4 as the geese got friendly and they are quite noisy.  Tide is in and need to find a new way to the road.  Ferry goes to Oban at 7.  Bike shop opens at ten.  Shop for food and look for a new solar panel.  No solar panel to be found.  Bike shop does not have my tyres yet at 10. They did order a second set of tyres and that is not my problem.  Run into another cyclist that I meet far to the south.  Show her a unmarked bike trail towards Fort Willy.  Another trip to the bike shop and find they have my new rubber for my bike.  I grab a pizza and head for the ferry.  Five hours and I am at the Outer Heberties.  I hope my order of a new solar panel goes through.  Credit card was not happy with where I was sending it and wifi then started not working.  Also can’t order a power bank as the lithium batteries.  Barra Island is lined with second homes so I ride on.  I finally find a trail in the center of the island to camp.
Love and kisses

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