Thursday, July 26, 2018


I would like to know what the symbols on the grave stones mean

Wake early and look over wreck in the bay. I hang out and get supplies while waiting for bike shop to open. I am surprised when the bike shop open as they have 29er wheel with a dynamo and it was only £56. I plug in the dynamo and it works. I do pick up a wrench as the wheel used a solid axle and nuts. It has been many years since i used anything but quick releases with skewers.
Weather reports the coming of thunderstorms.  I head south to leave the treeless islands.  I cross the causeways with old wrecks used to block the passages.  The wrecks failed to stop a daring submarine commander from slipping through and sinking a cruiser.  So the causeways were built.  I make it to the ferry with 15 minute to spare.  As I ride to forest areas I find the area fenced and the trees far from the road. I find some open moorland to camp.
Love and kisses

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