Friday, May 12, 2023

Colombia 5-12-2023 Trampolín del Diablo


We continue down through the day on highway 45.  Near the end of the day we start on the Trampolín del Diablo.  We climb a few miles up and camp at an old school.  Trampolín del Diablo is highway 10 it is also a one lane road in many parts with blind turns.  Yellow hazard tape is used instead of guard rails in many parts and yes there are long drops off the edge.  In 2011 500 people died on the road and 300 died in 1989.  Mudslides are a major killer.  So we have started up the dirt road hugging the cliffs.

Day two on Trampolín del Diablo has rain and a long climb.  Also traffic as this is the main road in southern Colombia.  Need to hack out a camp site at and old quarry.

Rain, wee hill and food that was not agreeing with her

Day three the rain continues and drivers hurry to get along road.  Try not being on the narrow edge when vehicles pass.   Long climb and then the sun is out and easy coast down to San Francisco.  We continue on to Sibundoy.

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