Saturday, May 27, 2023

Ecuador 5-27-2023

Another leak being found

Air mattress is going at the seams and another leak must be found.  We go a little up and then a rough bumpy decent.  Lost the battery pack I attached to the solar panel.  We drop into farm land and the route has us crossing fields.  The route we are following then follows a ditch which has been fenced off.  We find alternate route on the road.  End up in a park that appears not open to camp.

Continue through the farm country and villages.  End the day in Otavalo in a hotel up a very steep hill.  Back to good food.  Take the bike into a bike shop as the bottom bracket is clicking.  Mechanic strips a bolt right off.  I need to step in and help to keep the hammering to the minimum.  Did get a new bottom bracket, but not the best mechanic.

Love and Kisses



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