Saturday, May 6, 2023

Colombia 5-6-2023

We ride out of La Plata and it is uphill all day. We sweat our way up.  In looking for a place we end up invited to a coffee farm.  Camp next to their place and are feed a nice meal.

Wishing there was a cold drink there.


I am not sure I want to know the story.

We continue on climbing for another ten miles.  Then a nice 13 miles down.  This of course leads us to ascend another 1000 feet.  In Saladoblanco we search for nice place and end up choosing the better cell from the two places offering rooms. 

A short decent and then back to climbing.  At a stop to eat, Lani help a young girl with some of her English homework.  A short detour leads us to Colombia's taller waterfall.  We ride on to find a camping spot on a little hill top.  Only a little clearing is needed to get a tent space.

Love and Kisses


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