Sunday, July 30, 2023

7-30-2023 Peru Paliasca

The days ride is a high altitude ride 13 to 14500 ft.  We see mines everywhere.  We ended the day dropping to 12500 in a canyon.

Riding down to Pampas is on a rough road.  Town square is being redone.   Buy a few items (cookies).  Decide the original route to Paliasca is longer and more climbing.  So more downhill with some pave road that is carve into the hillside with some big drop offs.  Go through a boomtown gone bust.  Finally drop to the river bottom.  Now for a long climb up in the heat.  My cold is zapping my energy.  It is a struggle to ride and with many stops to rest.  4 k from Paliasca find a large gravel lot with mounds of gravel to camp behind.  We are beat.


Morning has us doing the 4 k to Paliasca and 1000 ft climb.  We call it a day.  We met another rider Kate from Briton.

Love and kisses


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