Monday, July 17, 2023

7-17-2023 Peru Celendin

Late start and wore sandals for the stream crossing.  Then back to climbing up Calla Calla.  It is only 3000 feet up to the pass.  Going down on the one lane road we use caution with blind turns, rough dirt patches, and shear drop off on the road edge.  Hours of decent has us camping at a switch back.  Heard there are two cyclists two hours ahead at a store.  Figure it is the French couple.






Down the single lane road we travel with a lovely drop on one side.  More blind turns to slow the descent.  Finally we come down to the Rio.   We head the kilometer into the village.  Tendas have limited food that we wanted.  There is a small parade for the students in town.  We cross the old bridge in town and start the climb up 7000 feet.  After going 5k up a steady climb we hitch a ride up.  We did stop to say hi to the French couple near the top of the climb.  In the town of Celendin we have a nice lunch and then onward. Going ten miles find a place to camp.  Camped on a old part of the road now abandoned.

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