Thursday, July 6, 2023

7-6-2023 Ecuador Cuenca

We take the secondary roads into Cuenca.  Stopping at an Italian Deli for brunch.  Good food again.  In Cuenca our route becomes a nice bike path.  Stop at DHL as my package had just arrived.  Additional $65 dollars and the package is mine.  I don’t recommend DHL as there was much hassle getting the package through customs with DHL misinformation.  Not to mention the original upfront price of $225 and the threat of a $250 fine.  Found a hotel and went for a nice dinner. 

So with 7 days waiting for our mule to arrive with our stuff we dine well.  And in the spare time between meals I have my bottom bracket replaced with the very expensive one delivered by DHL.  We take a free tour of town.  Tour the museum, ruins, and aviary.  Lani has her tires rotated and fresh sealant put in.  We had an adventures on the public transport without the proper tickets.  There was stocking up at real supermarkets for our future thin pickings in the hills.  There were need to take bike rides to remember how to ride a bike.  Go out to eat with other cycle tourers.  When our mule arrived I rebuilt the drive train with new parts and installed the new brakes.  Having a spare brake I disassembled the old set and cleaned and greased them back in working order.  There was a little time available for consuming ice cream at each street corner shop.  Just when we found a shop with great chocolate croissants we were moving on.

Love and Kisses






Mule brought for us:

Chain rings 3


Nemo Pad replacement

Socks replacement

Short USB-C to Lighting

Sinewave Revelution

Knog replacement

Brakes BB-7 and TRP

Brake pads BB-7

Apple cord USB 3 camera adapter

Nikwax gear waterproofer





Departed with mule

New Derailleur - S

Eye glasses - L

Leaky Nemo pad - S

Darn tough socks x 2-S

2 chairs- L&S

Apidura bag-L

Rust vest-L

Down bootie covers-L

Showerspass gloves-L

Ratchet set-L




Blue Shirt-L


Socks x2-S

Gore gloves-L

Buffs x 2-L

Hilleberg bag-L

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