Saturday, November 14, 2009

Central America

Made it to Honduras where el Presidente has some issues and is getting to know the Brazilian ambassador better. The trip so far has gone as planned with Ida not being a problem with the Atlanta hop and arrived on time in San Pedro Sula. Taxi got me to the bus station not once being touched by any of the lorries that we were zipping between. With a little work found the right bus to Copan Runias (ruin) town. The town is in great shape as its name comes from the Mayan ruins next to it. Only took three tries to find the hostel as I wonder the stone paved streets. The town is only five blocks each way.

This trips goal is to work on a tan. Other goal so far is to find out if the rumors are of the Mayan calendar telling of the end of the world are true. I may also need to find out what I need to present at an alter to consult the gods on this. Would have sent this out last night, but the town had the power go out during my dinner, so I ended up with a candle lit dinner. When I was getting my bed there was something said in Spanish about no water and electricity. As I was not getting what was being said they spoke faster and added more words I did not understand. An Aussie came by then to tell me that the power had been out earlier in the day and there was yet no water. Nice to be back in a civilized country where paper is put in the trash and not in the toilet.
Love & Kisses

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KenZ said...

Sweet. What I want to know once you've knocked down a couple of countries is do the SA ruins fall into the "You've seen one ruin, you've seen them all" category.