Saturday, November 21, 2009

Traveling south

Hopped a truck out Gracias. Got one last picture of Mt Celaque. Its progress may have been slow due to the load of bricks in the back with me. In San Juan think I saw most of the town from the truck, so I hung out waiting for the bus talking to a Cuban doctor working in town. Got to La Esperanza which was a rough town but had a market place I wanted to check out. Ran across a tailor who I had fix my pants the were torn hiking/crawling. Double his rapido price with a bonus that made it two bucks. In the middle of the market a gentleman that did not seem quite right and had a crazed look in his eye grabbed my hand and demanded a dollar. I told him no and he just went away. Around the corner I ran into one of his buddies tasting sidewalk and not caring as his bottle was empty. I moved on.
I arrived in Tegucigulpa (the capital) after dark. Like DC everyone recommends a cab. Pick the driver that recognizes the name of the hotel I was saying. The hotel is on a one way street and the cab does a neat move to back around the corner up to the hotel to be going the right way. Cab driver does not want his money in the street, but waits till we are inside of the hotel. He watches everyonre on the street nervously when outside. I need food and the hotel clerk indicates around the corner. I look both ways and head out. Find a Chinese restaurant with a guy using a metal detector at front. Only two items with out meat and they are Tou Fu. They are out of tofu. After a good number of tries they finally figure out I will except just vegetables. I make it back to the hotel watching everyone on the street and being casual about it.
I the daylight the streets are safer. I walk the ten blocks to the bus stop. On the way I spot a donut shop and pick up two. I feel safer. Get to where the bus is suppose to be and find only taxis and they are starting to move on. I am not going to hang on an empty street. One of the cab drivers knows where the bus to Danli real is and puts his passengers in his cab into another. I am going to get a great deal for this ride. The bus stop is across town so I am very happy with the ride and keep the fare to just very good.
Getting out of the cab my water bottle with filter falls into a hole. I do consider leaving it in the sewer water. I climb down an safely retrieve the bottle as it has my water filter system. A block away is the the golden arches which to season traveler means clean bathroom. Water bottle gets clean enough to be put back into the pack. In the bus I eat the donut as I fell secure.
Check out the town of Danli. Remember I need a lighter for my next jungle adventure. I am still murdering the language as encendedor got me a light bulb. Fosforos got me matches and then worked it from there to a lighter.
Then I was off to the border. The bus stopped short in a traffic jam and everyone walked the last quarter mile to the border through the packed vehicles. Think I stopped at all the write offices because I made it through. Next border crossing will tell. Stopped in Ocotal to get some local money and the ATM worked on a Saturday. Ocotal was the first city ever to have fighter plans bomb it. Guess who´s marines did that? Ended the day in Somoto watching a basketball game and eating pizza in the main square. Tomorrow I am of to a local canyon to hike and swim. I decided to not go to Cerro Mogoton Nicaragua's highest peak. No guides go there due to Oliver North mines as they are still exploding the wildlife. Officially all landmines have been removed. Ojo, no salir de sendero!!
Love and Kisses

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