Sunday, November 15, 2009

slight delay

Ruins were Copan were good with lots of sculpture as advertised.  You could have entire plazas to yourself.  People must be reading the state department warnings about Honduras.  This morning I had a mid morning start and spent a half  hour melting on the bus waiting for it to leave town.  Then I saw someone putting on there sunglasses and thought where are mine.  As the bus was leaving I did a quick check of my gear as I did not remember packing the bag that had sunglasses , Raincoat, GPS ....  A kilometer out of town I hopped off the bus and got back to the hostel to find my bag at the back of the locker under the bed.  Now I have 50 minutes to wait for the next bus in the sun again.  So I am in the Internet cafe writing.
Love and Kisses

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