Monday, November 16, 2009

Day of travel

I did get the next bus and did not need to go back again. The bus stopped continually to pick up and drop off passengers I do not think we went a kilometer with out stopping. Hitching (jalon) a ride in the back of a truck is common and is looking better. Stopping ever hundred yards. 61 Kilometers and two hours and fifteen minutes so far. I see a red Toyota coming at us fast around a bend. It hits the side of the bus and bounces off. I did not see the carnage as the bus continues on. A few miles down the driver stops and checks the damage, which was a big dent in the rim. Someone said the truck rolled. The bus continued on to La Entrada. At the edge of town the bus is pulled over by the police. After a bit of a discussion with the driver, he continues on to the terminal with the police on board.
At the terminal the bus to Santa Rose was ready to go and I was on it. It did not make as many stops. Last bus for the day was like a sardine can and the driver kept trying to get more passengers before we would go. Got to Gracias after dark.

Today I am of to Montaria Celaque as it is the highest peak and is in a cloud forest. There was a Dutchman lost somewhere on the mountain a few years ago and they still have not found him. Bought a bit of food and should be back off the mountain after a 3 or 4 days. Have a loaf of bread to mark my way in, so I can find my way back.
Love & Kisses

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