Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Got up early but lost a bit of the morning to eating.  My map marked the industrial area as scenic.   The costal fog helped make the industrial region a bit nicer,  Just did not want to linger near the various smoke stacks.  My map did not make the big cliffs over looking the sea as scenic.  It was a long day as we road 125k up many hills.  I did get the bike up to almost 70k on one downhill stretch.  I should not have used the brakes on the turn at the top.   As the sunset we rolled in Essaouira.  Found a great room at the roof top level which you could walk out and look over the fortress wall into the sea.  There is a kitchen so we can cook for our selves
Construction is everywhere

Using hoses to dive from the boats

125 Kilometers, 7:42 Moving Time, Max Speed 69.2 k, Moving Average 16.4 k, 
 Stop Time 9:38 Overall Average Speed 10.3 k,   Start 9:20 end 21:00 Accent 935 meters.
Coastal fog in the morning then sunny

Love & Kisses

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