Sunday, September 23, 2012


Start riding in light rain.  Yes, rain in the Sahara.  After 8k I stop and see that we are being followed by a better driver but it is hard to hide in the open desert.  The driver ran off when I approached.  Why would security for us flee when we approach?  Then he circled around we headed back to town forcing him to pass us.  We hide behind a sign and waited just below a slight hill. He came down the road slow.  Caught by surprise he stops and denied being police.  We go back to the police station where they tell us the driver is a policeman.  We should be happy for free security.  We explain once again that having a strange man and vehicle that hides when approached is not security.  I tell them we are going to contact the Ministry of Tourism, they go find there captain somewhere in town.  After a long talk the Captain tells us we will not be followed. 
We decide to try it again and cycle towards Laayoune now it being noon and still 100k to go.  The rain is coming down harder and is a nice wetting rain.  The rain is warm and feels good.  We pass into the Western Sahara region.  Western Sahara in the rain is a treat.  Two years with no rain and we arrive to a major rain storm.  I am curious what will grow or come out of hiding now that it rained.

At the check point they don't believe that Mauritania is the destination but Dakar makes them happy.

At the hotel my hands and feet are like prunes.  I enjoyed riding in the rain once again.  After checking in at the hotel we find that there is a leak in ceiling.  The hotel gives me a blanket to absorb the water.

900k to Mauritania
119.0 Kilometers, 5:31 Moving Time, Max Speed 43.8 k, Moving Average 21.5 k, 
 Stop Time 2:57 Overall Average Speed 14.0k,   Start 9:30 then 12:00 end 20:00 Accent 150 meters.
Rain yes rain and lots of it.

Love & Kisses

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