Monday, September 3, 2012


I got up early and just road.  I plan to meet Cindy at the hotel.  It was a good ride getting to Safi at mid day.  Did a little looking around town and then looked for Cindy on the main road as I ended up at a different hotel than planned.  A little while later I spot Cindy going into the first hotel.  Found out she got there a bit earlier than I expected and ended up in the hotel across from me.  We saw a bit more of Safi and then took advantage of our own rooms.

76.3 Kilometers, 5:54 Moving Time, Max Speed 46.5 k, Moving Average 12.9 k, 

Hey you should be on the other side of the road

 Stop Time 5:48 Overall Average Speed 6.5 k,   Start 8:00 end 12:30 Accent 512 meters.
Coastal fog in the morning then sunny

Love & Kisses

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