Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paranoia …

a little closer

Yangier 1403k Mauratania 996k

Cindy could not hope to miss the guy following her.  I spot him also.  Beat up car, young man, and spent a lot of time on the cell phone.  When we stopped he tried to hide.  The desert gives few places to hide car going slow behind bikes is easy to spot.  We are not happy.  He turns off to a house as we are stopped ahead.  He goes half way to the house then stops.  We wait he goes all the way to the house and does not get out of his car.  We go to the road to the house.  He is trapped and decided to come and meet us at the road.  He says he is police, but he has no uniform or badge.  He tells us that he was there when Cindy fed a cat.  This does not help our stalkers case.  We tell him to go away.  He follows us.  We come across a very small village with guard for the police radio tower.  We wake the guard and try to explain our problem with our stalker.  Our stalker shows up and has the guard get him tea. Our stalker shows us a picture of him self in uniform on his phone. His hand is shaking so much that his tea goes onto ground.  As the guard is no help we go on.  At lunch we stop at a construction site as there people around.  Our stalker shows up and tells us that there is a cafe down the road.  I tell him to go away and he does by 100 meters.  There are nice cliffs on the coast for the afternoon ride.  I continue to stay close to Cindy as we are still being followed.  At Tarfaya we go to the guardian station and explain our problem.  They tell us that the guy is a policeman.   We ask if they are going to follow us that they tell us as we are concerned if there is a unknown person following us.   We are told no one will follow us tomorrow a number of times.  We go find a hotel.  The shower is good and relaxing. 
105.0 Kilometers, 5:17 Moving Time, Max Speed 35.6 k, Moving Average 19.7 k, 
 Stop Time 2:49 Overall Average Speed 12.9k,   Start 9:00 end 18:00 Accent 172 meters.

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