Saturday, January 26, 2013


Thai dogs like to sleep

Start the morning with breakfast and then start touring the Wats (temples).  The bike is useful getting me from one Wat to another.  Mid morning brunch of green curry.  I like this idea of second breakfast.  More Wats and lunch of red curry.  Starting to not stop at all the Wats I call it a day from touring.  I do have yellow curry for dinner.  Next day take a wider turn around town seeing the outlying Wats.  Evening is spent getting the gear in the right bags to tour.

12.1 Miles, 2:21 Moving Time, Max Speed 18.0 Miles,  Moving Average 5.1 Miles, 
 Stop Time 1:28 Overall Average Speed 3.1 Miles,  Temp Min 80 F – 95 F, Start 9:00 end 14:00, (Accent 1925? Not correct) feet, Max Altitude 391 feet.
Light clouds then Sunny.
Love & Kisses

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