Monday, January 28, 2013


 As I started out a Thai biker stopped me and then suggested a route I should take.  I then realized I should have gotten the map turned to over so I could see where I was riding today.  His route looked good and I should look at the map rather than just riding the way I think I should go.  I want to ride and it feels good to be back on the bike loaded.

Leaving town I saw dog was having a good roll in some pachyderm poo.  My attempt at getting a picture disturbed the roll so the pup went to dining mode on the fresh stuff.  A little more treat and the pup will be ready to give some doggy loving.     

 The maps in the GPS make navigating easier.  When I spot the Lop Buri River I check the maps and there is a road all the way to Lopburi.  Spelling for town names change as translations are not set as Lopburi and Lop Buri.  I run across some Czechs cycling from Vietnam on the road.  A headwind is keeps my pace slow.   Spot my first monkey as I approach the hotel in Lopburi.  The town is known for its hundreds of monkeys.  There are more Wats to see.  One is the main home for the monkeys.  A Hungarian tells me that a Japanese tourist had his sandal taken by one monkey that took it to the top of the Wat in the morning.  Time to head back to the hotel as I left the window open and I did not see monkey screens on my window.  Yes the people live in the cages.

40.5 Miles, 3:47 Moving Time, Max Speed 17.1 k, Moving Average 10.7 k, 
 Stop Time 0:54, Overall Average Speed 8.6 k, Temp Min 79F – 87F, Start 9:00 end 12:00, Accent 169 (Fixed) feet, Max Altitude 113 feet.
Rain at noon.

Love & Kisses

So your cable does not work.
I think it is that the rookies are doing the wiring

Yes the little one come with mohawks

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