Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I started the day with another quick tour of the wat that is the home of the monkeys.  Some had gotten some corn on the cob.  As I road north I saw a lizard in the canal.  Just not use to seeing a meter and a half long lizard.  A while later I spotted another lizard this on was a little short but not much.  An hour before sunset I got to Uthaithani and decided to hold up.  It took an hour to find a hotel wandering the city as it was not listed in the guide book.

Dinner was easier but it took a bit of work ordering as the pocket dictionary was no use interpreting the menu.  Where are those English versions of the menu of yesterday.

74.3 Miles, 6:58 Moving Time, Max Speed 23.5 Miles, Moving Average 10.7 Miles, 
 Stop Time 3:18, Overall Average Speed 7.2 Miles, Temp Min 80 F – 94 F, Start 9:00 end 19:00, Accent 90 feet, Max Altitude 114 feet.
Rain at noon.

Love & Kisses

A little corn on the cob

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