Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kamphaeng Phet

Road up near the river to Kamphaeng Phet.  Some of the fields are now sugar cane.  The truck carrying sugar cane had a sweet smell.  I got to town at sunset.  I went around in circle looking for the guest house.  After 20 minute I finally figure out I was looking at the wrong set of numbers in the guide books map and was in front of the recommended restaurant.  After that finding the guest house was easy.

Kamphaeng Phet
115 Miles, 9:34 Moving Time, Max Speed 19.8 Miles, Moving Average 12.0 Miles, 
 Stop Time 3:30, Overall Average Speed 8.8 Miles  Temp Min 78 F – 93 F, Start 8:00 end 18:30, Accent 102 feet, Max Altitude 307 feet.

Love & Kisses

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