Saturday, September 16, 2017


I set the yellow glasses on the back of the bike and of course I forget to pick them up, so they are gone.  Another castle on a hill today.  I up from started from wrong side.  So long walk around to the main gate.  My east ward route ends.  I take the road back a ways but see no glasses.   Turning south I follow the GPS route into the hills.  Ride into the hills the small dirt road turns to trail and then heads down steeply on a side hill.  Not liking the trail I go back to a fork and a wider trail leading up hill.  After pushing my way a good bit uphill I come to a cliff and look straight down to where I am suppose to be according to the gps.  I look at the valley leading away and figure that is the route.  Not wanting to jump to get on route again and as it is getting dark I look for a discrete campsite.  I hear a large animal grunting all night when it is not raining.  I look at my maps and decide that going back down and taking a road tomorrow is going to be best as there is many miles and no direct course up.  Don't want to spend the day portaging the bike and gear over rough trails in the rain.  Oh I have only half a litter of water when I camp as I forgot to fill up.
Love and kisses


I should be in that meadow down there.

Trail goes up that valley

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