Saturday, September 30, 2017


Near the trip end

Yea their using a drag
Early start and a long ride ahead.  Main road has a little shoulder and lots of traffic.  I run across the first bike tourer I have seen since Krakow.  He is in a hurry as he is 5 kilometers from home after a 4 month trip.  The village is waiting for him to return and celebrate.  It is early afternoon before I get on a quieter road.  The scenery picks up as the roads get smaller.  One village there is a box of vegetables in front of homes to sell.  Next village has piles corn stalks that are being worked through to clean the dried ears.  There are lots of horse drawn wagons being used. GPS recommend road turns to rough dirt road then grass.  The other side of the pass I am greeted to new pavement and a smooth ride for a while.  As the sun gets lower I pick up my pace.  Pass some interesting faces on the entrance to a municipal building in a small village.  As the light is fading I ride up and in the fortified town on a hill in Sighisoara.  Only 130k for the day.
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Great pictures of your journey!