Friday, September 29, 2017



Haunted Forest

I need sleep but the construction workers go to bed at one and are up before 6.  They like yelling at each other.  I will not be staying.  So I am off to see the town.  I am told of a salt mine to go visit.  I have gotten a lot of suggestions that I should visit the salt mines.  Then there are the haunted woods that aliens have been sighted there.  This the spacey type of aliens.  So they need a wall to keep the aliens contain.  Just because they travel long distance they would never think of using a ladder or tunnel under.  Yes a wall will solve their problems with aliens.
After touring the city and the haunted forest I head south.  Three different wrong turns did slow me a bit.  Then I am on a smaller road through the hills of Transylvania.  The last part of the ride puts me on the main road with truck zipping past.
Love and Kisses


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