Thursday, September 7, 2017


Bus Ride

After the uprising

The Getto

Rain is coming down hard.  I head to the bus station.  No ticket office so I wait for the bus.  I negotiate for the bike being carried.  I am sure the bus driver is having a beer on me.  For me $20 is not a bad price. As the rain comes down I avoid muddy farm roads.  Bus has internet so I am able to research hostels on the way to Warsaw.  First one seems fine so I take it.  As the rain has let off I tour some of the city.  There are lots of statues holding swords.  There is much on the Warsaw uprising and the resulting raising of the city.  Over 85% of the buildings were destroyed. Across from the hostel are large pictures of the uprising with the dead lying in the streets.  So city I am seeing was rebuilt.  A small corner of a building is left un coated and there are a dozen bullet holes in the concrete.

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