Friday, June 5, 2009

And more Highlands

I could get use to the castle life my. house could fit in library or the next room up the sitting room.  Just forgot the single malt to sip and enjoy the view.
21.5 miles
I'm off again heading south.  I did not leave my hand print on any of the bottoms of statues.  Rain has come again but no real wind.  Travel along a loch stopping to see pictish carved stones.  Then off to the coast with fighter jets near by doing target practice.  A short ferry ride and a few more hills then I am on the bridge into Inverness.  The loop of north Scotland is completed.  The hostel does have room.  I am off to the pub having Thai food (no deep fryer) listening to a traditional Scottish band.
The day starts out a little wet and gets more wet as I go.  Head out to Fort George a cannon fort..  Big place and the military still uses the builds there.  More cannons seam to point inland than into the bay they were there to protect.  That unruly populace again?  As I work my way back to Inverness rain picks up to a solid storm and even has hail at times.  Ah that was what I was expecting when biking in Scotland and the feeling will come back to my hands and feet.  Back again to Inverness and some great Indian food.  Yes the UK has great Indian and Pakistan food.  Now for some more traditional music and a pint or two..   A number of the guys in the pub have leiderhozen with dress this going to be a fun night.
33.7 miles
Love & kisses

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