Saturday, June 6, 2009

Edinburgh Bound

Yes, there were kilts and leiderhozen, but no dresses in the pub.  Glad I change from my biking shorts to long pants as I did not want to give the lads any ideas as I looked good in those shorts.  Ladies were dancing together as they may not trust themselves around that many unshaven legs.

Off to Edinburgh with the plan.  I am getting in at 2:30 and need to find a box for the bike.  Have a list of bike shops.  After I finding the box I need to then get to the hostel and drop of the bike.  Then I  walk back to the shop and retrieve the bike box before closing.  Else I have no way to get my bike back home the next morning.  The plan goes perfectly as  the first shop has the box. They just need to remove the new bike from it.  The bus even let the box on for the mile trip back to the hostel.  Bike is now in the box and I will be up early to airport.  You need to experience Edinburgh with competing corner musicians with their bagpipes.  Street performers are quite active and then what some people are wearing on the street and I don't think that they were headed to a fancy dress party.  The fringe festival is still a good ways off.  The town is quite lively
4 miles
Love & kisses

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