Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Got a mid morning start with light rain coming down every once in a while.  Nice start going down hill at high speed and then start up the next hill with a tail wind.  That was the basic cycling for the day doing hills
with wind shifting all after noon.  Nice ride through glens and down to the lochs.  Occasional rain showers throughout the day.. Stopped at Ardvreck castle only two walls are still there.  There are support to be ghosts there.  One in a gray suit and the other weeping lass near the loch.  Supposedly she made a pact with the devil to save her fathers castle.  It does not appear to have worked out.  At Lexford bridge head inland and up river.  Wind was still shifting slowing me at times and helping me at others. Just before Merkland Loch found a nice wooded area to camp that was protected from the wind. 
61.5 miles.
Next morning there is a little bit of rain at times.  And I start up my short cut which starts at Merkland Loch.  The two miles up the dirt road is much easier than expected.  There is no traffic as there was a locked gate at the bottom.  Great glen views and the lochs looks nice.  The wind pushes me through the pass.  Would recommend wide tires and if you want to go fast some suspension. Nice long ride down the other side to Allnabad.  Then over to and down the Strath Naver.  Strath Naver was where some of the clearance happened.  1000 homes with an average of 5 persons each were told to move on.  Some given a half hour notice to move there stuff before their home was torched.  Many men were doing military service as was custom for use of the land and 1812 were distinguishing themselves in the Americas.  Only when they returned to Scotland found no home.  In this case it was done for 2000 sheep to replace them.  Future army recruitment was met with "let the sheep defend the land." Made it past Bettyhill before calling it a night and camping over looking the ocean.  
The vegi burger meal.  If there cheap the there is most likely no bun.  If there is a bun that is it.  Sometimes there is lettuce and tomato.  And the burger can be deep fried or not.  I never ask how it will be prepared when orderring as I like the suprize.  Salad on the side.  This can be half a tomato, yes just a half of a tomato.  It can get up to lettuce, cucumber and tomato.  This is topped with a little packet of salad cream.  I truly can't say more about the salad cream.  Vegetable think mushy peas.  Chips they know how to use a deep fryer down and chips are always good. Just order vegi burger and chips and see what comes..
53.5 miles

It is a gray morning with a occasional rain.  A bit hilly and each down hill is into the southern wind so no roll up the other side.  The rain picks up and there is a pub so life is good (plan B).
Hills ease up as I get further east.  Great views of the coast as I head for Thurso. I get there at two and the ferry leaves at seven.  I am finally able to get some laundry done.  Pickup some Chinese take out for the ferry ride and I am set.  Hostel too night and a hot shower. 
Love & kisses

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