Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Highlands

There is a pub is just down the road from the ferry.  After dinner on two miles to the hostel.  Now that was an easy day.
35 miles
Another clear day and light breeze from the east.  I head into the wind.  Get passed by four racing cycles all in matching outfits on an uphill.  They look like shriners.  I do not bring it up with them as they have "Royal Marine Commandos" emblazoned on there blue jerseys.  On the down hill I start to gain on them.  Then another uphill and they are gone.  A few miles future I pass them as they patch a tire. Winner goes to the heavy duty tires.  A week ago there was a road race south of here and an older man through tacks in the road taking out 300 bikes with punctures.  He was mad that the road was closed for a couple of hour for the race.  Another group of four blue jerseys pass me, and then let me draft for a mile before pulling away on a hill "yea".  Shortly there after I am at Wick heading off to view a castle..  Get there and it is closes for reconstruction.  No one is around so I hop the three foot gate.  Second part has a locked iron gate with high walls.  I am out of luck as I did not bring my castle assault kit.   Fog rolls in so I don't go up to the light house as it is lost in the fog.  Then onwards to Camster cairns.  Nice cairns you can crawl into.  Decide to change plans and not go down the coast, but to go down the center Scotland.  It will avoid the heavy traffic and the fog.  I am ahead of schedule so it is only extra miles.  I head backup to the northern coast as there is no direct way to cross to the center of Scotland.  I push past Reay and find a nice spot on some cliffs above the sea.  Best camping spot so far with great views of the sunset and the north sea.
77.3 miles
As I was hanging out the next morning, some bird watchers came by and pointed ou the puffins below.  They even lone me there field glasses to see them better.  I had been looking for puffins for a while with no luck.  Then I just camp right above them.  A light northern breeze good for pushing me south.  I head south up along a nice river.  The day is spent going over gentle hills and looking across giant moors.  Last 12 miles are down hill with the wind behind me.  Midgies motivate me to setup my tent with speed. 
 75.6 miles
Cool morning with no breeze.  Exit the tent with long pants and a head net.  Midgies are waiting but do not have access the flesh as I pack.  Ten miles down the road is a castle youth hostel.  I decide to stay and have quiet day here.  And not because of the gallery of nude lady statues.  I am caught up today with my writing as it is Jun 3.
Love & kisses

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