Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Arrive at Stromness and find no room at the inn.  I head out of town and fine a great site next to the sea with nice mowed grass that is next to a cemetery.  Maybe I'll get a visitor tonight to talk to while enjoying the great sea views..
Dreams of southern Spain have come true.  There is not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze.  Off to see 5000 year old ruins.  In one burial cairn viking hung out in during a long storm.  They wrote a good bit, including about   Olga who was very friendly.  Large stone circles and one viking ruin that    can only be gotten to during low tide.
The hills are covered with grass.  Cows fill the fields..  The hills on Orkney are gentle rolling hills making easy riding.  Until I head south to Kirkwall and find the wind has picked up in the wrong direction.  Long ride but I need to get to a hostel and shower.  Just wish a van would go slower so I could draft.  Getting near nine when I get to Kirkwall.  Grab a quick vegi burger (no bun this time burger is just tossed on top of chips).   
Find the hostel after venturing down a few wrong roads.  They are open and have beds available.  Nice to grab a shower after camping for a while and riding hard. 
52.7 miles
Going for an easy day.  Wind is from the south again and it is a solid breeze.  Tack ten miles down to the south west to a old round church and drinking hall.  Foundation outline for the drinking hall.  The best way to describe the round church was there was one side wall to it.  A bust.  Coast up the hills to the north as the breeze pushes me.  Maybe I miss judged the breeze.  Get to some ruins of a very old fort and town that I passed by yesterday.  They are ok.  Now I am heading back down from the north end of the island on the same road as yesterday with a head wind again.  Check Kirkwall weather and the wind speed is 25 mile.  Make it back to Kirkwall again at nine and head off to a protected bay to camp.  The hostel was fairly grim last night.  Camp over looking a old wrecked ship in the bay.
50.0 miles (easy day ???)
Sunny again and a very light eastern breeze.  I head south and hope to take a ferry this evening.  Low point.  There is such a thing as a shit spreador and being down wind is not a good thing with a working nose.  The southern islands are connected by cause ways built during WW2. There are old ship wrecks from WW1 that were sunk there on purpose to protect the straights.  In WW2 a U-boat slipped by the wrecks and sank a cruiser then got away.  So they built the causeways with italian labors during WW2.  The italian soldiers also built a nice chapel out of a quacet hut. From the front and inside you can not tell what the building was as they painted on tiles and stone to the walls.  Saw a few more ruins then off to the ferry.  There was no time table for the ferry at the dock, but a local told me the ferry would be in 45 minute and he was right.
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