Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I ride around the fjord and get to the ferry around 10.  Ferry arrives at 10:50 and heads out to other islands.  I needed to be here at 6:45 for the morning ferry and I did not read the schedule.  Crap! There is a room to get out of the rain with no power or internet so I nap some.  Ferry returns at 2:30 and arrives in Ornes at 3:00.  It is raining hard and I ride on.  Want to get to Bodo in the next 2 days so I push.  I find that the front small chain ring is not releasing the chain at times and dragging it up to bind it under its self.  I found the cause of the rear derailleur being ripped off.  Now I need to climb hills and avoid the binding till I can replace the part in Bodo.  It does not happen often but does if I stop climbing and start on a steep hill.  I ride on in the rain hoping not to lose another derailleur. 
Love and kisses


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