Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It is the forth of July with no fireworks just calamity.

It is raining so I go for a late start.  The ride is in the hills near the coast and along the coast.  Run across other bike tourers which are having their gear hauled to the next hotel.  Nice views of the coast.  In the afternoon the gear I am in does not feel that the chain is running correctly.  I shift and the rear derailleur rips off the bolt.  Damn I don’t have anything to fix the derailleur like another one.  I could make the bike a one speed and not used the derailleur.  Looking at the chain that would be a messy option and it is 30 miles back to Namsos with some nice climbs. So it is time to hitch back to Namsos.  I put my gear in a nice pile and have the bike upside down.  Then looking at the clock I see it is 5:00 pm.  The bike shop is going to be closed when I get there tonight.  I look at the nice empty beach below and decide to camp for the evening.  So I load up the bike and head to the beach.  So I have a quiet evening on a beach.
Love and kisses


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