Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Early start but I miss the one car from the 6:00 am ferry.  I hike down the road to find a good hitch hiking spot.  I see a bus stop along the road which could be a possibility, but not a good hitching spot.  I find a one lane bridge with a light.  As there are few homes in the area most cars come in waves from the ferry.  Looking at the ferry time table I have 7:40 group is just small cars and no way to carry a bike.  I think of leaving the bike and going for the part.  The derailleur has crushed itself to the cable housing and looks like major repair with more tools than I have.  So I wait.  The 9:00 ferry group is also just small cars.  Then comes a bus following them and stops to my hail.  It is a different view from the front of a bus.  One moose crosses the in front of the bus as we head to Namsos.  The world is passing quickly.  Bike shop has the derailleur fixed in an hour and half.  Also had them put a new chain and cassette on.  Déjà view as I seem to remember the ride.  I know which coming fields were freshly fertilized.  I even remember what looked like a good camp spot.  It turns into a swamp.  I camp on a rock surrounded by swamp.
Love and kisses


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