Sunday, July 16, 2017


At four AM found the 💨 shifted from the other way taking the ⛺️ fly off and leaning the ⛺️.  I braced up the ⛺️.  At 6 the ☔️ starts again and I should have put the ⛺️ fly back up and the 💨 had returned to the original direction.  At 8 the leaking was getting bad.  Time to get up.  I cook 🍳 in the nearby shelter after packing a wet camp.  Horizontal ☔️ and 💨 push the bike around.  I just ride on.  Then the ☀️ comes out.  I stop to drive the ⛺️ and gear.  As I hold the tent ⛺️ the 💨 keeps it horizontal as I dry it.   Mountains rise spectacularly 

Love and kisses

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