Friday, May 10, 2019




Off to the other D-Day beaches. I follow the Euro Velo route 4 on the GPS. The route is still in planning as I bump along the coast trail. The route must have been draw on a map without riding it. At Pointe du Hoc I look off the cliff the troops climbed. Not sure why this was called Omaha “beach”.  Large photo of WWII are placed by buildings in the old photos.  I take road as my bottom had taken enough bounces.  I did not want to deal with more mud and sand.  Camp at another municipal camp.  Rain in the afternoon into night

Love and kisses


Distance 44.6 Miles / Total Time 11:24 / Time of Day 20:01 / Average Moving Speed 6.5 / Average Speed 3.9 / Moving Time 6:52 / Stop Time 4:33 / Max Speed 24.4 / Temperature 55F / Max Temp 61F / Min Temp 50F / Ascent 1246 ft / Current Elevation 5 ft / Max Elevation 264 ft /


Pointe du Hoc





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