Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Road goes around and I go up

It is raining as I ride up and down hills. I crawl slowly up the hills. The main highway has bridges to spans deep valleys and tunnels through hills. Where bikes are allowed to go the road gets to drop to sea level and climb the next hill. One road loops itself as it is squeezed between the cliffs. Legs are slow but no need to push the bike up hills.

Love and kisses


Distance 42.6 Miles / Total Time 10:28 / Time of Day 22:39 / Average Moving Speed 6.9 / Average Speed 4.1 / Moving Time 6:10 / Stop Time 4:19 / Max Speed 32.6 / Temperature 56F / Max Temp 66F / Min Temp 54F / Ascent 3206 ft / Current Elevation 392 ft / Max Elevation 513 ft /


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