Monday, May 6, 2019


Another dawn and I am up.  Legs still hurt to move.  I see another long day ahead.  I want to catch a boat today so it is time go.  I head down the downs and back into traffic. The pavement makes the riding easier.  On a bike path a lady yells at me as I read a sign on the roman history of the area.  I surprised her on the cycle path as I passed her as she was walking her dogs.  She was surprised as can't hear well and wants me to use a bell.  From her volume she has a hearing issue she wants to spread.  I consider what size church bell I would need to carry to ensure she could hear it.  As the issue seems to be with her and I don't want to travel like an old time leper, I will not be riding with a bell ringing.  You think she would expect bicycles on the bike path.  Yes the sign note it was a bike path before I was interrupted reading it.  When I get to the ferry terminal most ferries arrive after dark in France.  So I go for the overnight ferry arriving at dawn.
Love & Kisses
Distance 44.8 Miles / Total Time 11.26 / Time of Day 18:48 / Average Moving Speed 6.5 / Average Speed 3.9 / Moving Time 6:51 / Stop Time 4:35 / Max Speed 33.0 / Temperature  60F / Max Temp 65F / Min Temp 43F / Ascent 1325 ft / Current Elevation 34 ft / Max Elevation 860 ft /

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