Saturday, May 4, 2019


Ready to load

There is nothing to worry about in the dark

The birds are noisy at dawn so I am up and going.  I head southwest on back roads.  Coming across an old railroad route that has been turned into a path I take it.  It is heading south and it has no cars honking at me as they drive on the wrong side of the road.  I find that it goes all the way to the sea so I stay on it.  After many miles I get to the South Down Way and turn on it.  Now I have hills to climb and my legs are not ready for distance I have already done.  Large pig farm adds an unique smell.  I push on with hopes to get upwind.  I find a bit woods and camp.  Sleep comes on me as I cook dinner.  51.6 miles and my legs are trashed.
Love & Kisses

Distance 51.6 Miles / Total Time 13:27 / Time of Day 20:14 / Average Moving Speed 6.6 / Average Speed 3.8 / Moving Time 7:49 / Stop Time 5:40 / Max Speed 20.0 / Temperature  47F / Max Temp 54F / Min Temp 38F / Ascent 3109 ft / Current Elevation 668 ft / Max Elevation 785 ft /

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