Thursday, May 23, 2019










Another slow start in the rain. I follow the telemark canal. Road takes a nice hilly route. Find a lovely hot shower at one of the locks.  Another slow leek in the back tire.  Patch the tub and the tire. Hope the tire patch will keep the dirt out of the small cut in the tire. I push on to a favorite camp spots above the fjord.  Big rock with great view.

Love and kisses



Distance 22.9 Miles / Total Time 10.20 / Time of Day 21:20 / Average Moving Speed 5.9 / Average Speed 2.2 / Moving Time 3:55 / Stop Time 6:26 / Max Speed 26.5 / Temperature 56F / Max Temp 57F / Min Temp 49F / Ascent 1725 ft / Current Elevation 591 ft / Max Elevation 604 ft /

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