Wednesday, June 14, 2017


First Pass

Why does it feel cold on a sunny day

Second Pass

The plan today is to ride down to Sorfjorden.  After the first two miles I climb.  There is a tunnel but bikes are directed over the pass.  For some reason it is getting colder with the sun out.  A little downhill and the headwind slows my descent.  Then more uphill and then there is a another tunnel where bikes are banned.  The barrier for the one lane road is down blocking the road over the pass.  Not a good sign.  Going passed the barrier I find parts road with a thick layer of ice.  They did clear the ten foot deep snow from the road, so over the pass I go.  I see that there is a good view on the pass.   I camp to enjoy tranquil mountain scenery.  What is my sleeping bag rated too??  I need to look at the map bit more carefully, but on the other hand I did not ponder on the upcoming hills as I thought it would be down soon.  I did break the 1000 meter elevation mark.
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