Friday, June 2, 2017


Pigeon on the head and something put in
the hand maybe the President needs a statue

I am on the road at 9 which is late for the long ride I plan to do today and be in downtown Oslo by 4.  The route has me zigging and zagging.   At 2:30 I see I still have 20 miles to go and my average speed is 8 miles an hour.  I do not see that I can make it even if I had Lance Armstrong’s pharmaceuticals.  Then I come across a train station and the train arrives just after I do.  Direct ride to downtown Oslo.   I am in Oslo at 3 with a mile walk to the Post office.  Lady at the counter is confused by the UPS tracking number, but she goes in back and finds my package.  No need to ride through the center of this large city. I ride the train back to my bike which has all bags untouched back on it.  Test ride shows dynamo is charging the new battery pack.  Power systems are working again.  I ride on to a nice camp.  Dog from a dog walker spots me but walker ignores me.
Room to spare
Love and kisses


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